The “intro”


I’ve grown to love the camera and it’s just one of those things that regardless of how I feel before I start shooting, those feelings are replaced with happiness, excitement and tranquility. I did this shoot sometime last year and towards the end, we decided to play around with Joash’s many cameras and those pictures seemed to be a perfect intro to this journey. Let me know what you think!

Photography by Joash- Nxt LvL Imagery.



984128_10152141680057213_4393968460246726529_n10383554_10152141680222213_5033029231081973602_n 10386354_10152141680012213_656222053648552734_n10491264_10152141679807213_2028918129060819495_n (1) 10460727_10152141679907213_2485404549448333968_n

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