Pleated Skirts


You guys…omg! Pleated skirts are trending! Unbelievable, right? Growing up, I never thought in a million years, I would ever wear one. When I saw them back in the lime light, I unconsciously ignored them until one day I came across some and decided to try them on. I was surprisingly shocked because I actually like them. This is where I always say, Never say Never. I loved one because it was metallic and the other was floral, which in the middle of winterish weather, was promising that the next season was close. I love that you can slip on some heels, sandals, flats or even sneakers and bring some twirl on in your day. They come in an array of colors, prints, length and different types of fabrics. The choice is solely yours to explore. Let me know what you think!

Pleated skirts- H&M; tops- H&M & forever 21; Make up by Joy Balogun (Sunshine Brides) Nairobi, Kenya; Hair- Jessica Bonney; Photography by Joash, NxT LvL Imagery.








2nd Blogiversary!


Yay! We’re 2! Like 2 year old’s, now we can run, kick a ball, walk on tip-toes and even jump. The journey gets more interesting and I’m really eager to see the greatness that lies ahead.  It’s exciting to see the growth and am so thankful for you, my supporters. Thanks for taking the ride with me, always coming back to check on new posts or even revisiting old ones, I feel the love. Since, it’s our birthday, we can put on our pretty dress/suit and strike a pose. I love coordinating black and gold and it fit the celebration. See you in the next post!

Make-up by Lankara Brides, Photography by Joash ~NxT LvL imagery, Hair by Jessica Bonney.


Take 2- Culotte Crush


Wondering how to wear culottes to work? I did a white and black ensemble to make it more official for the work setting but switching to bright colors could certainly work perfect as well. Sometime last year, I did a post on a very casual look.

I still find it fascinating how New Yorkers ride the train and read their books, magazines or listen to music even while standing and the performers (dancers) are busy displaying their craft. So much entertainment! Take some time to take in the beautiful and positive energy around you this week, this year and give some to others around you.

Blouse & culotte- H&M, Shoes- Steve Madden, photography- Joash, NxT LvL Imagery.






Be still…Rest.

screenshot_2016-11-13-21-16-06 Hey guys! Happy Fall season! I hope it started great wherever you are. Last year, I wanted to wear a white dress to an event but I also wanted to add some Ankara fabric to it so that it wasn’t too plain. I loved how the designer was creative by bringing the only details I had in mind- white dress with pink and blue ankara fabric- to life.  It has a high-low design both in the front and at the back. The color white has a peaceful, calming vibe to it. When in white, chill, relax, breath in and have fun; it will be well 🙂

Let me know what you think!

Dress and clutch by Achie Otigo, Nairobi, Kenya.

Photography by Joash- NxT LvL Imagery Nairobi, Kenya.

screenshot_2016-11-13-21-13-44 Passport photo 😉screenshot_2016-11-13-21-15-20

img_0954img_0937img_0948 img_0945img_0952


“I See You” Masked or Unmasked.


God’s love is amazing, unexplainable in entirety as we all get to experience it in different ways hence each person explains it differently. If we all tried to give our versions, we would write so many books and still be unable to cover it all. I was thinking on what to cover this month and as I sat in Detroit Airport waiting for the last flight out to NY, I just felt like I wanted to share on this topic. I am not an expert in it but I have experienced it every day so I have my own way of explaining it.

We live in a world where we think it’s normal to wake up, head to work and get back home and everything we do in between is as it’s supposed to be. Family, friends and everyone we come across every day has become customary to us. The fact that we are raised by our families/communities, go through school and graduate, have successful careers and families of our own is indeed a blessing and we ought to give thanks everyday for it.

Ever sat down somewhere in a busy place and watch people pass by? Are you able to tell or see that one person that has swollen and red eyes from sobbing? Does it make you uncomfortable or do you head to their direction and ask if they’re okay? Unfortunately, you and I don’t see it often because we are consumed in our own little worlds and at such instances we are buried in our books, phones or laptops. What happened to being an extension of God’s love to others? At times it’s as simple as an “I can see you” look and just being there even if it’s in silence or offering advice when needed. This reminded me of the movie- Beyond the lights. The young woman was stuck doing something that her mother, who also happened to be her manager, wanted but she didn’t. She tried to commit suicide until a cop told her, “I see you” meaning, I can see the inner you, the real you that you’re struggling to portray because of the circumstances around you.

Sometimes all we need is to “see” someone and that gives them the strength, courage and hope they needed for the day. However, we need to recognize that it’s not by our own strength that we can do this, it’s by the help of a supreme being. Unfortunately, you and I sometimes forget to acknowledge this and thank Him. Think of that day that you sorta had a crazy day, everything that could go wrong was going wrong and you came across someone who maybe complemented you or something that you had, spoke about the weather and it make you come out of that sunken look and you realized how blessed you were. Wouldn’t it be awesome to do that to someone else because we remember how it made us feel? To me, that is another example of sharing God’s love.

Happy New Month and I hope we all get to share and receive such moments.







White Rompers


What a beautiful and warm summer we’re currently experiencing. One thing I’ve learnt not to do is to complain about the heat when it gets to 100 degrees. Over the past few summers, New York hasn’t been having such temperatures but I guess it’s payback time. Let’s talk rompers! I love that all ladies regardless of shape, size or age can definitely pull one off. In addition to styles, prints, texture and colors, you get to choose if you prefer shorts or pants. Last summer I did two posts on rompers- shorts and pants  and I did another one, in a white short one. White is an awesome color especially in the summer months since it reflects heat. Just like black, it complements all the colors. I had lots of  fun shooting this. Stay safe, enjoy the warm weather and remember to hydrate.

Let me know what you think!

Photography by Joash- Nxt LvL Imagery; Romper- old~Forever 21; MUA-Lily Njoroge; Hair- Jessica Bonney.

IMG_0255IMG_0248IMG_0221IMG_0222IMG_0229The evidence of joy 🙂2016-07-29 02.10.58IMG_0257

Dashiki Pride


In our ever changing world, I believe at least in every other household, there’s someone who owns a dashiki print outfit. Dashiki first came into the American market in the 1960’s but originated from West Africa. Yep! I was surprised to learn it’s been around for all those years. In the past 2 or 3 years, the print made a huge comeback and now everyone despite nationality, race or color loves wearing it.

I love that they come in almost every color and one can wear it as a dress, top, pants suit, swim wear..practically your level of creativity is your limit. Men and women alike can rock the trend and since it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to do so. This year, during the Independence Day (July 4th) celebrations, there will be an event dubbed Dashiki Day Party- cookout hosted by Kenyans in New Jersey.

I decided to rock mine while on vacation in Nairobi and snapped away. Let me know what you think! I wish everyone a happy Independence Day!

Dashiki as dress- Maasai Market, Nairobi, Kenya. Open sides split long Dashiki top- gifted.

Photography by Joash- NxT LvL Imagery; Make-up by Bubbles- Lankara Brides, Nairobi.



Screenshot_2016-06-28-18-57-44Screenshot_2016-06-28-19-34-07Screenshot_2016-06-28-19-06-52 Double troubles 🙂2016-06-28_19.11.422016-06-28_19.06.11Screenshot_2016-06-28-18-55-312016-06-28_18.53.32Screenshot_2016-06-28-18-55-542016-06-28_18.54.32