Happy 1st Blog Birthday!


I can’t believe that this blog is already 1 year old!!! It’s been quite a journey filled with hope, dreams and challenges and I wouldn’t trade anything for this roller coaster. I desired to start blogging in 2011 but I didn’t start because I was juggling many things, or so I convinced myself. I believe that God’s timing is the best so I am glad that I finally started at such a time. Thank you so much to each and everyone of you for supporting me and pushing me in this journey. When you keep logging on to check on the new or previous posts, you motivate me to keep doing what I do. I am very hopeful and I am looking forward to see what this year brings. Don’t sit on your talents and hobbies, take the first step and don’t look back. You are bound to face some challenges along the way but they will definitely mold you into the person you are bound to become.

I thought that this fun and playful dress would be a perfect fit for this occasion. There’s just something about fringes! I paired this dress with my favorite black heels and brought a little gold magic into play. Let’s celebrate! 🙂

Dress from H&M; Shoes from Just Fab.com; Photography by Joash- NxT LvL Imagery, MUA Bubbles-Lankara Brides.



With these wings, let’s fly! This dress is giving me life 😉

IMG_0050 IMG_0053IMG_0054

Some arm candy…


I’m loving this view; my gaze fixed on Him! So excited about the future 🙂


I love you! Tell one challenge!

2016-02-09_02.22.52 It is Valentine’s Day week!!! I know some people have been waiting for this day while others see it as another regular day. No matter where you lie on both ends of the spectrum, I’m sure you appreciate the day’s festivities even from a far.

In most cases, we zero in this day to ourselves, our life partners, friends and family. We occasionally say, we want to change lives right? How about we take some little time this Valentine’s week from focusing on ourselves and tell a few people-family and friends- that we care and love them. I don’t mean the people you constantly let them know, I’m talking about the ones you have never or it’s been years.

In this day and age there are people who have never been told those 3 words, “I love you.” Culture could be a huge player in that. If you are like me, growing up in Africa, most people did not tell each other that but their actions let us know that they cared and indeed loved us. It is amazing how powerful those words are as they could brighten our days, take away some pain and even raise self esteem and self image. The Bible even states…And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love (1st Cor 13:13). We have a golden opportunity to do this while we still can.


Love and Favor,


Happy New Year 2016!


I know! I know! It’s already the 2nd month into the new year. Too late to say,” Happy New Year!?” Well, it’s my 1st blog post this year so I hope I’m excused. First of all, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who keeps on coming back to check on new posts from time to time. You keep me going despite busy schedules and everyday life. I am very grateful.

Isn’t it amazing how we aspire to change yet we don’t have the courage to change some things around to avoid getting the same results year in, year out?  I know the question you’re thinking about…resolutions? Yes! I think they are important as they sorta give us a guideline of what we expect to see or what we’re working towards during the year. Change is beautiful but can be scary. I’ve learnt to stick to the changes everyday until they become a part of me. I hope and pray that this year we’ll have the courage to change and accept change as we continue in our purpose-driven journeys.

I wish you all the very best in all aspects of your life this year. Here’s to loving and appreciating ourselves more, learning more, challenging and pushing ourselves, achieving more milestones, advancements, new chapters and opportunities, joy, happiness, laughter, saying I love you often to our loved ones and keeping the memories alive of the ones gone before us. Have a blessed 2016!

Dream Dreamer!


It’s beautiful to feel young and to be young. Being young is often associated with boundless energy supply, less responsibilities and newness. Creativity and innovation are at a peak as there’s nothing- meaning here experience- pulling one back. As one goes through life, it presents so many happy, exciting, unexpected, sad and everything in between moments. Unfortunately, the word “FEAR” suddenly starts to illuminate in our minds and the problem comes in in how we choose to react. Fear causes us to let go of all the dreams, goals, opportunities that we once had and were enthusiastic about when we were young.

In the current Mazda car commercial- the young teenager sits for his driving test, fails but passes the second time, moves to college in a small 2 door car, graduates and gets into the cooperate world therefore gets a car that the world perceives is adequate in his new chapter. He then gets a family and has an SUV but in his midlife crisis, he went back and bought the small 2 door coupe that he once had as a teenager. Good illustration that because you get older or life comes in the way, the you then is still the you now. Yes, preferences and opinions might change but some things that make you you will probably never change- dreams, vision, goals. It is never too late to act on them!


These pictures are from my very first professional shoot in 2009 when I started to follow my dreams and desires for fashion and modelling. Little did I know what lay ahead of me-the blessings, opportunities, wonderful people and challenges- it was a step of faith then. Don’t let fear come in your way, you’re more than a conqueror! 🙂 Take your first step today, no excuses and keep on dreaming and working smart!



Knowledge is power.


Last week being Easter weekend, most tv channels showed Christian movies based on the life of Jesus. One, however, premiered a movie on the life of Moses, which I decided to watch. It was a great movie with more modern things but it still kept bits and pieces of what we imagined life would be centuries ago. As I watched, I kept thinking, was that how the story was told?, I’ve never heard that name before….mhhh…really? I don’t think so! As soon as the movie was over, I decided to read the book of Exodus chapters 2-5 which is where the birth and life of Moses is documented. The first thought that came to my mind was, “What if someone saw that movie for the very first time and had never read about the story in the Bible? Knowledge indeed is power and such knowledge is life. Just my two cents 🙂

Favor >