“Tools of trade” part 1

IMG_0054 IMG_0016

Happy Nurses’ Week!

In my twenty something years in this world, I’ve learnt never to say never. When I moved to New York, I saw that most people in the Healthcare field wore scrubs. I had dreamt of being in that field since I was in primary/elementary school. I also dreamt of wearing my suits, skirts and dresses to work. I actually decided that once I started working, I would buy for myself a beautiful white pants suit after I watched Cece Winans peform in one. I completely forgot about that. Any leads anyone?

Fast forward 9 years and today, scrubs are part of my life and I couldn’t imagine wearing anything else to work. They are so comfortable and allow me to do my job with ease. Never say never, right? ummm…ok. However, one thing I decided not to forfeit was a little fashion notch to them. I didn’t want to wear just any scrubs because I realized that some were just like a one size fits all body shapes kinda fit. So I started researching on what brands, fit and designs were out in the market. I came to love plain colored ones because I could always color block them. One of my favorite brand is Med Couture and you can find them in Scrubs and Beyond. The tops are well fitting and their bottoms are suitable for a curvy lady and flow with your body shape. One of my friends recommended Grey’s Anatomy which am yet to try out. Let me know what scrubs brands you like.

Photography by Joash- Nxt Level Imagery ; Directed by Polly Odotte and I ; MUA Lily Njoroge ; Hair by Jessica Bonney.



IMG_0012 IMG_0026 IMG_0034             Joash had magazines in the studio so I decided to take a little break from all the studying…IMG_0045 IMG_0046                        IMG_0037                         Now back to some more reading…why not add more books while at it? 🙂


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