Of Rompers & Tributes.


Hey y’all!!! I have missed being here for the 3 weeks that I was away and a big thank you to everyone who had been looking out for new posts. The wait is over 🙂 It’s now graduation season all through to the end of summer and rompers are so in whether long or short. I saw this piece and it was love at first sight- the color pops and you can go simple with just sandals for park festivities or dressed up for events. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Photography by Joash- NxT LvL Imagery.



IMG_0142 IMG_0160 IMG_0176One of my favorite shows is Grey’s Anatomy- Spoiler Alert- In the just concluded season, Dr. Amelia Shephard ( Caterina Scorsone) had to perform a brain surgery on a fellow colleague Dr. Nicole Herman (Geena Davis) and she was so scared despite studying and preparing for the surgery for months. When the d-date came, she had to channel her inner self envisioning her success and stood in a “superpower pose” with her assistant Dr. Stephanie Edwards (Jerrika Hinton). Dr Edwards had to do so to show solidarity as Amelia believed it was scientifically proven to help them succeed. Their confidence definitely skyrocketed. Below is my tribute to Dr. Amelia and Dr. Edwards.

IMG_0152 IMG_0153

…Let’s now take a jump onto the next LVL…


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