Dashiki Pride


In our ever changing world, I believe at least in every other household, there’s someone who owns a dashiki print outfit. Dashiki first came into the American market in the 1960’s but originated from West Africa. Yep! I was surprised to learn it’s been around for all those years. In the past 2 or 3 years, the print made a huge comeback and now everyone despite nationality, race or color loves wearing it.

I love that they come in almost every color and one can wear it as a dress, top, pants suit, swim wear..practically your level of creativity is your limit. Men and women alike can rock the trend and since it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to do so. This year, during the Independence Day (July 4th) celebrations, there will be an event dubbed Dashiki Day Party- cookout hosted by Kenyans in New Jersey.

I decided to rock mine while on vacation in Nairobi and snapped away. Let me know what you think! I wish everyone a happy Independence Day!

Dashiki as dress- Maasai Market, Nairobi, Kenya. Open sides split long Dashiki top- gifted.

Photography by Joash- NxT LvL Imagery; Make-up by Bubbles- Lankara Brides, Nairobi.



Screenshot_2016-06-28-18-57-44Screenshot_2016-06-28-19-34-07Screenshot_2016-06-28-19-06-52 Double troubles 🙂2016-06-28_19.11.422016-06-28_19.06.11Screenshot_2016-06-28-18-55-312016-06-28_18.53.32Screenshot_2016-06-28-18-55-542016-06-28_18.54.32

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