Pleated Skirts


You guys…omg! Pleated skirts are trending! Unbelievable, right? Growing up, I never thought in a million years, I would ever wear one. When I saw them back in the lime light, I unconsciously ignored them until one day I came across some and decided to try them on. I was surprisingly shocked because I actually like them. This is where I always say, Never say Never. I loved one because it was metallic and the other was floral, which in the middle of winterish weather, was promising that the next season was close. I love that you can slip on some heels, sandals, flats or even sneakers and bring some twirl on in your day. They come in an array of colors, prints, length and different types of fabrics. The choice is solely yours to explore. Let me know what you think!

Pleated skirts- H&M; tops- H&M & forever 21; Make up by Joy Balogun (Sunshine Brides) Nairobi, Kenya; Hair- Jessica Bonney; Photography by Joash, NxT LvL Imagery.








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