May 2015- Memorial Weekend in Deep Creek!


This year my friends from Maryland and I planned a trip to Deep Creek over the long memorial holiday weekend. Deep Creek is a vacation spot with lots of fun activities such as roller coaster rides, zip lining, cliff jumping and a lot of water activities like jet skiing, boating and of course swimming. If you love being in the water and thrilling adventures, you’re bound to love this place. The vacation houses cater to the needs of your group such as game rooms, entertainment rooms, Jacuzzis and or pools. In my opinion it is better in the summer, however during the winter time skiing is a big sport there.

The first evening when everyone arrived, we stayed up till 6 am catching up since we hadn’t seen each other in a while. The first day we went on some rides, zip lining and swimming. The next days, some did cliff jumping, boat rides, lazer tags and we all took an evening stroll in one of the parks. My favorite part apart from spending time with my friends was eating farmers choice sausages and nyama choma everyday! If you live in New York, you know goat-eating with Kenyan friends is not a monthly spot ~ well at least to me.



My friend scared all of us with that bear and made sure he recorded all of our reactions. It was not funny at that time…lol. The guys went out for an early morning run and soon it was time for some Kenyan-style breakfast. This was my fav mug in the house:)


2015-07-02_00.41.06 2015-07-02_00.53.11 2015-07-02_00.49.25


I had to taste some of Mika’s delish goat meat stew.  On the last night at the house, the movie lovers watched a movie while some went swimming or played pool. I had never had any interest in learning how to shoot pool but thanks to my friends who taught some of us basics 101.


 It was a fun friends getaway from our busy lives and we all can’t wait for another one in future. Live, love, laugh and enjoy life to the fullest!



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