Dream Dreamer!


It’s beautiful to feel young and to be young. Being young is often associated with boundless energy supply, less responsibilities and newness. Creativity and innovation are at a peak as there’s nothing- meaning here experience- pulling one back. As one goes through life, it presents so many happy, exciting, unexpected, sad and everything in between moments. Unfortunately, the word “FEAR” suddenly starts to illuminate in our minds and the problem comes in in how we choose to react. Fear causes us to let go of all the dreams, goals, opportunities that we once had and were enthusiastic about when we were young.

In the current Mazda car commercial- the young teenager sits for his driving test, fails but passes the second time, moves to college in a small 2 door car, graduates and gets into the cooperate world therefore gets a car that the world perceives is adequate in his new chapter. He then gets a family and has an SUV but in his midlife crisis, he went back and bought the small 2 door coupe that he once had as a teenager. Good illustration that because you get older or life comes in the way, the you then is still the you now. Yes, preferences and opinions might change but some things that make you you will probably never change- dreams, vision, goals. It is never too late to act on them!


These pictures are from my very first professional shoot in 2009 when I started to follow my dreams and desires for fashion and modelling. Little did I know what lay ahead of me-the blessings, opportunities, wonderful people and challenges- it was a step of faith then. Don’t let fear come in your way, you’re more than a conqueror! 🙂 Take your first step today, no excuses and keep on dreaming and working smart!



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