Tulle Love (Tutu)


My love for tutu’s has been rekindled! As a little girl in Kenya, I remember wearing the tutu dresses especially for Christmas, New Year or Easter Holidays. If your family was like mine, those holidays called for new outfits and for some reason such dresses…Or am I on my own on this one? Anyway, imagine my feeling when I saw adult tutu skirts??!! I had to have one. However, I opted to be a little conservative by settling for a black one as opposed to other brighter colors. This was a fun shoot as it brought a lot of nostalgic moments. I paired my tutu skirt with a long-sleeved polka dot top and booties and was ready to hit the road. Let me know what you think!

Top- H&M, Skirt- Gift but designed by House of Kaji (Nairobi Kenya), Shoes- Steve Madden, Photography- Joash~NxT LvL Imagery



IMG_5140 IMG_5184  IMG_5145 2015-08-18_00.59.16 2015-08-18_01.00.07 IMG_5190 IMG_5193

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