Tulle Love (Tutu) Part 2


Tutus portray as fun and playful. I remembered the songs we sang during breaks or games time in primary (elementary) school. When skipping rope we sang the Blueband song. I have a feeling that am about to embarrass myself because the words might not be the actual words but here goes….”Blueband, by by zero, zero by zero is around, around and around…” or when singing in a group…”Kamares, kamares x2 na Shiko wa sku hizi anaringa ringa sana…” Remember those!!! Talk about memories 🙂

When doing this shoot, I grabbed the skipping rope and the best accessories- my hands- to enact the 2 songs. I hope you’ll find them fun as well. Dare to travel back in time often to smile once more about the experiences that made you laugh when you were a child and always be thankful for all of them. Let me know what you think!

Croptop- Wetseal, Skirt- House of Kaji (Nairobi, Kenya), Shoes- Steve Madden, Photography- Joash~ NxT LvL Imagery



Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-14-51 Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-01-33 Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-01-51 That was a good work out 🙂Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-02-00 Now Let’s dance…Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-13-25 Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-12-52 Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-12-09 Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-02-37 2015-09-08_20.09.05 Thank you!Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-11-25

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