Short Rompers!


Summer is coming to an end and for summer lovers like me, it’s not something we look forward to. I feel like the summer flew by so fast just like the way the year has been or am I the only one noticing this? Well, well back to summer, short shorts are a go but can be a challenge to wear if your main goal is comfort and decency. I came across this romper and it was a match made in heaven~ It was flowy and I loved the 2 piece illusion it created at the mid section. It’s coral and blue colors sparked my interest. Put on some heels with it and you’re ready to attend functions such as outdoor graduations or slip on some sandals for a summer barbeque or concert. I paired the romper with coral heels and traded my heels with my favorite gladiator sandals. Let me know what you think!

Styling by me, photography by NxT LvL imagery- Joash.



IMG_5256  IMG_5255 IMG_5252  IMG_5258 IMG_5275 IMG_5303 IMG_5299 IMG_5282                                                  I guess it’s good bye summer? :/IMG_5277

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