The. Year. Of. The. Bodycon.


The Bodycon dress, short for Body Conscious, was being worn in the 1980’s, became more popular in the 1990’s and is back this year with a bang. Initially it was worn more when going out but today it makes a perfect look for the workplace and festivities depending on its length. I have to admit that they can be tricky to pull off especially when you are not a size 0 or 2. One of my tricks is don’t get one which is too tight, uncomfy or cuts your body into portions. Get the next size up as long as it snugs a little, if not try another designer because the fits can be different. The fabric should also be a determinant in your purchase, a thicker fabric being the better option. Bandage dresses are made of a mix of Rayon, Nylon, Spandex which is a very high quality while most bodycon dresses are made of Polyester and Spandex.

I donned one which is colorful and great for spring, summer or fall festivities and is made from Polyester and Spandex. I accessorized it with gold and pearl jewelry, Nine West nude pumps and a nude waterfall coat from H & M. Photography by Joash- NxT LvL Imagery. Let me know what you think!



Screenshot_2015-10-30-10-16-19 Screenshot_2015-10-30-10-30-43  Screenshot_2015-10-30-10-30-19 Screenshot_2015-10-30-10-14-19 Screenshot_2015-10-30-10-13-13 2015-10-30_10.29.11   2015-10-30_10.27.26 Screenshot_2015-10-30-10-18-17

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