Learning Lessons


Hello! Hiya! It’s been a while, i guess life just happens, sometimes…you make plans and life has a way of putting its twists to it. I didn’t want the year to end without trying some more new things. Well, one happened to be a disaster. My friend and I decided to go skating for the first time. I don’t know why my mind tricked me into believing that skating would be much easier than ice skating, being that I can hardly leave the edge of the rink 😦 To make the story short, I got stuck for like 5 minutes when I didn’t have anything to hold on and with a goal of not falling, that seemed like eternity. Next year, I need to learn.

A few days after my birthday, another friend and I decided to go to a shooting range and try it out. We had a good instructor, and I bet all of us won’t forget the experience. My friend and I aren’t keen on video games and all, so the instructor asked us if we knew the game, “Call of duty.” When we both said no, he could not hide his surprised look and yelled, “BRUH! ” I think to him it was like someone not knowing the current president’s name :/ It would have also made his explanations much practical but we’ll never really know…lol. All in all we had a great time and we didn’t forget to snap away 🙂


IMG_2470 IMG_0709Screenshot_2015-12-26-20-47-02IMG950768IMG_0748IMG_0743

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