Travel Escapade to Kenya: Decade Changes


Everyone needs a getaway once in a while to recoup, re-strategize and to just relax. On my recent trip, I did just that as well as spending quality time with family and friends. I took lots of time to explore the many places I had never been to. I just wanted to share some of the stuff I got to see and experience and hopefully it will serve as a guide whenever you decide to take a trip there.

One of the best things I loved was Uber! Yes! It made it so easy to travel around the city whatever time of day or night. You need to download the Uber app and as soon as you request a car, you get the car’s registration info, type of car, driver’s name, picture and phone number. You can pick and choose the driver or car you want depending on current availability. All the drivers I encountered were professional and courteous. I got used to hearing, “Please put on your seat belt.” “There’s some water in case you get thirsty.” “What station would you like to listen to?” One of the questions that I did not fancy a lot was “Which way would you like us to use?” Being that I was not very familiar with the different ways to get to my destinations, I wasn’t of much help when it came to that. I definitely give them a 8/10, there’s always room to improve 🙂

Gone are the days where in order to get to far destinations, you had to wake up early to catch the only bus for the day that left the station at 8 am. There are now more bus companies but more options is what I’d like to get to. Nowadays many people own cars as opposed to a decade ago, you can rent a car for the day or 2 and a driver in case you can’t drive or don’t want to. Another option is flying. Local flights have become so accessible to the citizens or “local mwananchi” as they say. There are many flights from the main airport in Nairobi to Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu and Kenya Airways has some competition being that there are some other local airlines such as JamboJet and Fly540 that service those routes. In the end, the consumer benefits in terms of lower costs and more options in terms of time of travel. (My Business Education Teacher would be proud since I used a line she loved to use while in High School- Shout out to Mrs. Mureithi).

The scenery in Kenya is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!! You don’t have to be in Nairobi city to admire this but I learnt that there are more beautiful places outside the capital. One random day, my cousins and I decided to take a drive to Nakuru, Subukia, Nyahururu, Nyeri, Murang’a and back to Nairobi. It was the best trip I had ever taken but I did not know it would be such a long trip. We started out at around 8 AM and got back to Nairobi at 1 AM. I had never been to Subukia and it was such a beautiful sight from the view point once one got to the top. I also got a chance to visit Thomsons Falls. Well, I only read about it in the history books. Although I did not have the time to really explore the attraction site, it was beautiful and I hope to go back someday. On a different note, I was a bit disappointed when I got to Delamere- that yoghurt place-because in my mind I thought it was this big, amazing place. The last time I was there was during a history class trip while in High School and I recall we had lots of fun. I guess either it’s been so long, my mind outrightly just deceived me or people just change :/

Let me know what you think! Photos courtesy of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.



2016-03-06_16.37.21We got a free show to see some cows and zebras just a few feet from the road. Welcome to Kenya! Win-win!2016-03-06_16.19.30Finally we got to the Subukia view point. Mmmh just don’t bring your kids to learn from this map! Clearly you know you’re in Kikuyu land 🙂Screenshot_2016-03-06-15-59-00Screenshot_2016-03-06-15-55-51Some of the signs on my day’s travel that caught my attention…Umm…talk about advertising- Only  hotel with spa pool in Africa? Really? …Ok! Let’s go! 🙂2016-03-06_16.28.13Finally we made it to the famous Thomsons Falls!2016-03-06_16.39.51Screenshot_2016-03-06-16-02-43 A traditional Kikuyu lady’s costume…Screenshot_2016-03-06-16-00-16Besides sight seeing, horse back riding is one of the activities available too. I can’t wait to be back.Screenshot_2016-03-06-15-59-50

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