2016-03-19_19.21.55Who doesn’t love food? I mean good, mouthwatering, scrumptious, sapid, yummy food! Okay, you get it 🙂 If you’re like me, you kinda plan ahead on where you’ll dine especially while on vacation . Weird? My friend and I had planned on a few places we’d try out  weeks before we did. We wanted to create our own Tembea Kenya experience. One of the places that I hadn’t been to was The Oval, so we went for dinner at ArtCaffe one chilled evening and we sat outside. It was beautiful and everyone was courteous, the food was ok however for the lamb stew dish, i would give it a 5/10 on that particular day. Their drinks are amazing though. If you’re looking for a nice place that you can just chill and catch up with your friends over lunch or dinner, try it. 2016-03-19_19.24.28

Another place that I liked was Ocean Basket. If you’re a seafood lover, you’re bound to love this place. My friend had come from work and I had come from a photo shoot one Monday evening and both of us were starving. We ordered a platter for one but it was enough food to serve two or three. The place is spacious, has a good ambiance and is a great hangout for a girls day out or a date.

2016-03-19_19.19.08Finally, the food is here, let’s indulge… (I don’t know why I made that face but happiness was evident after dinner).2016-03-19_19.14.10We loved the hope graffiti background.2016-03-19_19.23.12

If you love kalamari and you like the idea of munching on it while enjoying the beautiful view of Nairobi City Centre, the roof top at Best Western Hotel in Hurlingham is your place to be. It’s also convenient for lunch hour meetups if you’re looking for a more quieter place but close to town.

2016-03-19_19.16.26Let’s eat!  But first, some ring candy 🙂2016-03-19_19.17.53

While in Eldoret town, stop by the Boma Inn Hotel. It’s perfect for business meetings, dates or family lunches/trips. I loved its color scheme  and the huge, comfy red couch close to its reception area. It has a few dining spots that are different and have amazing views and depending on the occasion, you’re bound to settle with one or two sections.Their buffet menu has a variety of delish meals that cater for the “nyam chom” (roasted goat meat) lover to the vegetarian. I also loved the fact that their lattes were inclusive in the budget friendly buffet meal cost. I enjoyed the vegetable soup and of course the farmers choice sausages and fries, which is a staple meal for me while in Kenya.2016-03-19_19.12.542016-03-19_19.07.522016-03-19_19.10.252016-03-19_19.10.50

What do you do when you’re craving burgers and it’s after 10pm in Nairobi? Don’t worry, I got you, you’ll thank me later. After going from one restaurant to another in search for burgers late at night, I was grateful to find Urban Eatery at the Westgate Mall. They have the best burgers in town! (I highly doubt it was because it was the only open place :/ ) We arrived there at almost 11 pm and their burgers …ulala. You get to pick your condiments, how you want your beef prepared and the food was well presented. Custom food- slap! The burgers were super big and I could hardly finish mine at one setting. 2016-03-19_19.11.36

I hope this will be helpful next time you travel to Kenya and you’re looking for good food joints. Enjoy! Pictures taken using a Samsung galaxy Note 5 phone.



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  1. Diana Mindot · March 21, 2016

    Hungry just by reading this post! too lovely


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