LA Love


There are some places on this earth that a  majority of the people have them on their dream vacation spots such as Jamaica, Australia,  Maldives and Dubai or a little closer to home New York City and Los Angeles. I knew I wanted to visit LA  and in my head (Insert Wendy William’s voice) I knew that I would fall in love with the place immediately. Well, I was right! I got to visit LA for a weekend last month for a charity and beauty pageant event. After the event was over, the girls and I decided to tour LA- Hollywood walk of fame, Hollywood sign, Rodeo drive and Beverly Hills. The tour bus came in handy as we got to experience all that in about 3 hours.

This particular trip was very relaxing for me because I wasn’t a contestant so I had a lot of free time to tour around before the event started. One of the girls and I took a stroll in Culver City to a shopping complex for a little girls’ time. In the evening, the event started with an incredible performance by a band that was very entertaining. I loved the fact that all the contestants were awarded with certificates as each had fund raised for their charities of choice. Collectively, they will aid in keeping more students in school in Kenya by paying for their education, providing clean and safe drinking water in Nakuru, Kenya, creating more awareness of Sickle Cell disease, Autism and importance of exercise among others. It was a successful and empowering night and I wish all the winners the very best.

LA is such a beautiful city and there’s so much to see. One thing that I loved and found different in comparison to NYC is the space…omg! especially on Rodeo Drive which is like 5th Ave in NYC with lots of shopping spots and designer shops. Some areas had a “Mombasa” vibe to it and the mansions in Beverly Hills were breathtaking. At one point, my friends and I were silent just taking it all in 🙂 We hit the jacuzzi for a bit after we got back to the hotel and packed for our departure the next morning. I guess we must have all fallen in love with LA as the four of us missed our flights home, so we had breakfast at the airport and it was soon time to say our second goodbye to LA. I can’t wait to be back again, LA. 

Dress by Achie Otigo, photos taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 5.



Heading out for the pageant…


With 2 of the contestants, Marie and Marsha representing the East Coast (New York and New Jersey)2016-05-11_19.44.05

With the crown winner Judy and the runners up Marie and Kate.Screenshot_2016-05-11-19-18-32


Seeing my namesakes’ stars…Angie and Angela 😉 and who doesn’t like Meryl, she’s a genius at her craft!2016-05-11_20.09.07Screenshot_2016-05-11-19-29-49



The breeze on Rodeo drive…we managed to catch a glimpse of the place Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman went shopping. What a classic!Screenshot_2016-05-11-19-19-19Screenshot_2016-05-11-19-55-05Screenshot_2016-05-11-19-19-35


This is what happiness looks like! 2016-05-11_19.48.45

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