Happy 1st Blog Birthday!


I can’t believe that this blog is already 1 year old!!! It’s been quite a journey filled with hope, dreams and challenges and I wouldn’t trade anything for this roller coaster. I desired to start blogging in 2011 but I didn’t start because I was juggling many things, or so I convinced myself. I believe that God’s timing is the best so I am glad that I finally started at such a time. Thank you so much to each and everyone of you for supporting me and pushing me in this journey. When you keep logging on to check on the new or previous posts, you motivate me to keep doing what I do. I am very hopeful and I am looking forward to see what this year brings. Don’t sit on your talents and hobbies, take the first step and don’t look back. You are bound to face some challenges along the way but they will definitely mold you into the person you are bound to become.

I thought that this fun and playful dress would be a perfect fit for this occasion. There’s just something about fringes! I paired this dress with my favorite black heels and brought a little gold magic into play. Let’s celebrate! 🙂

Dress from H&M; Shoes from Just Fab.com; Photography by Joash- NxT LvL Imagery, MUA Bubbles-Lankara Brides.



With these wings, let’s fly! This dress is giving me life 😉

IMG_0050 IMG_0053IMG_0054

Some arm candy…


I’m loving this view; my gaze fixed on Him! So excited about the future 🙂


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