“I See You” Masked or Unmasked.


God’s love is amazing, unexplainable in entirety as we all get to experience it in different ways hence each person explains it differently. If we all tried to give our versions, we would write so many books and still be unable to cover it all. I was thinking on what to cover this month and as I sat in Detroit Airport waiting for the last flight out to NY, I just felt like I wanted to share on this topic. I am not an expert in it but I have experienced it every day so I have my own way of explaining it.

We live in a world where we think it’s normal to wake up, head to work and get back home and everything we do in between is as it’s supposed to be. Family, friends and everyone we come across every day has become customary to us. The fact that we are raised by our families/communities, go through school and graduate, have successful careers and families of our own is indeed a blessing and we ought to give thanks everyday for it.

Ever sat down somewhere in a busy place and watch people pass by? Are you able to tell or see that one person that has swollen and red eyes from sobbing? Does it make you uncomfortable or do you head to their direction and ask if they’re okay? Unfortunately, you and I don’t see it often because we are consumed in our own little worlds and at such instances we are buried in our books, phones or laptops. What happened to being an extension of God’s love to others? At times it’s as simple as an “I can see you” look and just being there even if it’s in silence or offering advice when needed. This reminded me of the movie- Beyond the lights. The young woman was stuck doing something that her mother, who also happened to be her manager, wanted but she didn’t. She tried to commit suicide until a cop told her, “I see you” meaning, I can see the inner you, the real you that you’re struggling to portray because of the circumstances around you.

Sometimes all we need is to “see” someone and that gives them the strength, courage and hope they needed for the day. However, we need to recognize that it’s not by our own strength that we can do this, it’s by the help of a supreme being. Unfortunately, you and I sometimes forget to acknowledge this and thank Him. Think of that day that you sorta had a crazy day, everything that could go wrong was going wrong and you came across someone who maybe complemented you or something that you had, spoke about the weather and it make you come out of that sunken look and you realized how blessed you were. Wouldn’t it be awesome to do that to someone else because we remember how it made us feel? To me, that is another example of sharing God’s love.

Happy New Month and I hope we all get to share and receive such moments.







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