Be still…Rest.

screenshot_2016-11-13-21-16-06 Hey guys! Happy Fall season! I hope it started great wherever you are. Last year, I wanted to wear a white dress to an event but I also wanted to add some Ankara fabric to it so that it wasn’t too plain. I loved how the designer was creative by bringing the only details I had in mind- white dress with pink and blue ankara fabric- to life.  It has a high-low design both in the front and at the back. The color white has a peaceful, calming vibe to it. When in white, chill, relax, breath in and have fun; it will be well 🙂

Let me know what you think!

Dress and clutch by Achie Otigo, Nairobi, Kenya.

Photography by Joash- NxT LvL Imagery Nairobi, Kenya.

screenshot_2016-11-13-21-13-44 Passport photo 😉screenshot_2016-11-13-21-15-20

img_0954img_0937img_0948 img_0945img_0952


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