2016-03-19_19.21.55Who doesn’t love food? I mean good, mouthwatering, scrumptious, sapid, yummy food! Okay, you get it ūüôā If you’re like me, you kinda plan ahead on where you’ll dine especially while on vacation . Weird? My friend and I had planned on a few places we’d try out¬† weeks before we did.¬†We wanted to create our own Tembea Kenya experience. One of the places that I hadn’t been to was The Oval, so we went for dinner at ArtCaffe one chilled evening and we sat outside. It was beautiful and everyone was courteous, the food was ok however for the lamb stew dish, i would give it a 5/10 on that particular day. Their drinks are amazing though. If you’re looking for a nice place that you can just chill and catch up with your friends over lunch or dinner, try it.¬†2016-03-19_19.24.28

Another place that I liked was Ocean Basket. If you’re a seafood lover, you’re bound to love this place. My friend had come from work and I had come from a photo shoot one Monday evening and both of us were starving. We ordered a platter for one but it was enough food to serve two or three. The place is spacious, has a good ambiance and is a great hangout for a girls day out or a date.

2016-03-19_19.19.08Finally, the food is here, let’s indulge… (I don’t know why I made that face but happiness was evident after dinner).2016-03-19_19.14.10We¬†loved the hope graffiti background.2016-03-19_19.23.12

If you love kalamari and you like the idea of munching on it while enjoying the beautiful view of Nairobi City Centre, the roof top at Best Western Hotel in Hurlingham is your place to be. It’s also convenient for lunch hour meetups if you’re looking for a more quieter place but close to town.

2016-03-19_19.16.26Let’s eat! ¬†But first,¬†some ring candy ūüôā2016-03-19_19.17.53

While in Eldoret town, stop by the Boma Inn Hotel. It’s perfect for business meetings, dates or family lunches/trips. I loved its color scheme ¬†and the huge, comfy red couch close to its reception area. It has a few dining spots that are different and have amazing views and depending on the occasion, you’re bound to settle with one or two sections.Their buffet menu has a variety of delish meals that cater for the “nyam chom” (roasted goat meat) lover to the vegetarian. I also loved the fact that their lattes were inclusive in the budget friendly buffet meal cost. I enjoyed the vegetable soup and of course the farmers choice sausages and fries, which is a staple meal for me while in Kenya.2016-03-19_19.12.542016-03-19_19.07.522016-03-19_19.10.252016-03-19_19.10.50

What do you do when you’re craving burgers and it’s after 10pm in Nairobi? Don’t worry, I got you, you’ll thank me later. After going from one restaurant to another in search for burgers late at night, I was grateful to find Urban Eatery at the Westgate Mall. They have the best burgers in town! (I highly doubt it was because it was the only open place :/ ) We arrived there at almost 11 pm and their burgers …ulala. You get to pick your condiments, how you want your beef prepared and the food was well presented. Custom food- slap! The burgers were super big and I could hardly finish mine at one setting.¬†2016-03-19_19.11.36

I hope this will be helpful next time you travel to Kenya and you’re looking for good food joints. Enjoy! Pictures taken using a Samsung galaxy Note 5 phone.



Travel Escapade to Kenya: Decade Changes


Everyone needs a getaway once in a while to recoup, re-strategize and to just relax. On my recent trip, I did just that as well as spending quality time with family and friends. I took lots of time to explore the many places I had never been to. I just wanted to share some of the stuff I got to see and experience and hopefully it will serve as a guide whenever you decide to take a trip there.

One of the best things I loved was Uber! Yes! It made it so easy to travel around the city whatever time of day or night. You need to download the Uber app and as soon as you request a car, you get the car’s registration info, type of car, driver’s name, picture and phone number. You can pick and choose the driver or car you want depending on current availability. All the drivers I encountered were professional and courteous. I got used to hearing, “Please put on your seat belt.” “There’s some water in case you get thirsty.” “What station would you like to listen to?” One of the questions that I did not fancy a lot was “Which way would you like us to use?” Being that I was not very familiar with the different ways to get to my destinations, I wasn’t of much help when it came to that. I definitely give them a 8/10, there’s always room to improve ūüôā

Gone are the days where in order to get to far destinations, you had to wake up early to catch the only bus for the day that left the station at 8 am. There are now more bus companies but more options is what I’d like to get to. Nowadays many people own cars as opposed to a decade ago, you can rent a car for the day or 2 and a driver in case you can’t drive or don’t want to. Another option is flying. Local flights have become so accessible to the citizens or “local mwananchi” as they say. There are many flights from the main airport in Nairobi to Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu and Kenya Airways has some competition being that there are some other local airlines such as JamboJet and Fly540 that service those routes. In the end, the consumer benefits in terms of lower costs and more options in terms of time of travel. (My Business Education Teacher would be proud since I used a line she loved to use while in High School- Shout out to Mrs. Mureithi).

The scenery in Kenya is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!! You don’t have to be in Nairobi city to admire this but I learnt that there are more beautiful places outside the capital. One random day, my cousins and I decided to take a drive to Nakuru, Subukia, Nyahururu, Nyeri, Murang’a and back to Nairobi. It was the best trip I had ever taken but I did not know it would be such a long trip. We started out at around 8 AM and got back to Nairobi at 1 AM. I had never been to Subukia and it was such a beautiful sight from the view point once one got to the top. I also got a chance to visit Thomsons Falls. Well, I only read about it in the history books. Although I did not have the time to really explore the attraction site, it was beautiful and I hope to go back someday. On a different note, I was a bit disappointed when I got to Delamere- that yoghurt place-because in my mind I thought it was this big, amazing place. The last time I was there was during a history class trip while in High School and I recall we had lots of fun. I guess either it’s been so long, my mind outrightly just deceived me or people just change :/

Let me know what you think! Photos courtesy of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.



2016-03-06_16.37.21We got a free show to see some cows and zebras just a few feet from the road. Welcome to Kenya! Win-win!2016-03-06_16.19.30Finally we got to the Subukia view point. Mmmh just don’t bring your kids to learn from this map! Clearly you know you’re in Kikuyu land ūüôāScreenshot_2016-03-06-15-59-00Screenshot_2016-03-06-15-55-51Some of the signs on my day’s travel that caught my attention…Umm…talk about advertising- Only ¬†hotel with spa pool in Africa? Really? …Ok! Let’s go! ūüôā2016-03-06_16.28.13Finally we made it to the famous Thomsons Falls!2016-03-06_16.39.51Screenshot_2016-03-06-16-02-43¬†A traditional Kikuyu lady’s costume…Screenshot_2016-03-06-16-00-16Besides sight seeing, horse back riding is one of the activities available too. I can’t wait to be back.Screenshot_2016-03-06-15-59-50

2016 Valentine’s Edition


I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s weekend with your loved ones, family and friends. When we think of Valentine’s Day, the color of love-Red- pops into our minds instantly. Occasionally, on this day I try to stay away from that color but this year, I delved right in. I got an invite to attend an event in Dallas, Texas- Valentine’s dinner- where young adults shared a dinner together, had amazing young couples share and danced the night away. It was such an awesome experience and I left with lots of new friends. Dallas weather was also to die for as¬†it was in the 60’s and 70’s while in New York, it was in the¬†negative degrees with snow and freezing rain.

The set up at the venue was lovely with lots of pink, white and some red. The¬†decorations on the tables were such a sight to behold…the¬†candle lights in clear bowl-¬†vases surrounded with¬†small clear crystals and¬†all covered with¬†pink sheer coverings,¬†red heart shaped chocolates all over the tables and red¬†roses for the¬†ladies. The playlist was on point too making the entire evening quite a memorable night.

I first did a shoot with Joash of NxT LvL Imagery in Nairobi 3 weeks ago and had a mini one with Mosey Photography while in Dallas, TX. Let me Know what you think!

Dress and Coat- H&M, Shoes- JustFab,  Makeup- Lankara  Brides, Photography- NxT LvL Imagery and Mosey Photography.

Love and Favor,



I love you! Tell one challenge!

2016-02-09_02.22.52¬†It is Valentine’s Day week!!! I know some people have been waiting for this day while others see it as another regular day. No matter where you lie on both ends of the spectrum, I’m sure you appreciate the day’s festivities even from a far.

In most cases, we zero in this day to ourselves, our life partners, friends and family. We occasionally say, we want to change lives right? How about we take some little time this Valentine’s week from focusing on ourselves and tell a few people-family and friends- that we care and love them. I don’t mean the people you constantly let them know, I’m talking about the ones you have never or it’s been years.

In this day and age there are people who have never been told those 3 words, “I love you.” Culture could be a huge player in that. If you are like me, growing up in Africa, most people did not tell each other that but their actions let us know that they cared and indeed loved us. It is amazing how powerful those words are as they could brighten our days, take away some pain and even raise self esteem and self image. The Bible even states…And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love (1st Cor 13:13). We have a golden opportunity to do this while we still can.


Love and Favor,


Happy New Year 2016!


I know! I know! It’s already the 2nd month into the new year. Too late to say,” Happy New Year!?” Well, it’s my 1st blog post this year so I hope I’m excused. First of all, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who keeps on coming back to check on new posts from time to time. You keep me going despite busy schedules and everyday life. I am very grateful.

Isn’t it amazing how we aspire to change yet we don’t have the courage to change some things around to avoid getting the same results year in, year out? ¬†I know the question you’re thinking about…resolutions? Yes! I think they are important as they sorta give us a guideline of what we expect to see or what we’re working towards during the year. Change is beautiful but can be scary. I’ve learnt to stick to the changes everyday until they become a part of me. I hope and pray that this year we’ll have the courage to change and accept change as we continue in our purpose-driven journeys.

I wish you all the very best in all aspects of your life this year. Here’s to loving and appreciating ourselves more, learning more, challenging and pushing ourselves, achieving more milestones, advancements, new chapters and opportunities, joy, happiness, laughter, saying I love you often to our loved ones and keeping the memories alive of the ones gone before us. Have a blessed 2016!

Learning Lessons


Hello! Hiya! It’s been a while, i guess life just happens, sometimes…you make plans and life has a way of putting its twists to it. I didn’t want the year to end without trying some more new things. Well, one happened to be a disaster. My friend and I decided to go skating for the first time. I don’t know why my mind tricked me into believing that skating would be much easier than ice skating, being that I can hardly leave the edge of the rink ūüė¶ To make the story short, I got stuck for like 5 minutes when I didn’t have anything to hold on and with a goal of not falling, that seemed like eternity. Next year, I need to learn.

A few days after my birthday, another friend and I decided to go to a shooting range and try it out. We had a good instructor, and I bet all of us won’t forget the experience. My friend and I aren’t keen on video games and all, so the instructor asked us if we knew the game, “Call of duty.” When we both said no, he could not hide his surprised look and yelled, “BRUH! ” I think to him it was like someone not knowing the current president’s name :/ It would have also made his explanations much practical but we’ll never really know…lol. All in all we had a great time and we didn’t forget to snap away ūüôā


IMG_2470 IMG_0709Screenshot_2015-12-26-20-47-02IMG950768IMG_0748IMG_0743

The. Year. Of. The. Bodycon.


The¬†Bodycon dress, short for Body Conscious, was being worn in the 1980’s, became more popular in the 1990’s and is back this year with a bang. Initially it was worn more when going out but today it makes a perfect look for the workplace and festivities depending on its length. I have to admit that they can be tricky to pull off especially when you are not a size 0 or 2. One of my tricks is don’t get one which is too tight, uncomfy or cuts your body into portions. Get the next size up as long as it snugs a little, if not try another designer because the fits can be different. The fabric should also be a determinant in your purchase,¬†a thicker fabric being the better option. Bandage dresses¬†are made¬†of a mix of Rayon, Nylon, Spandex¬†which is a very high quality while most bodycon dresses are made of Polyester and Spandex.

I donned one which is colorful and great for spring, summer or fall festivities and is made from Polyester and Spandex. I accessorized it with gold and pearl jewelry, Nine West nude pumps and a nude waterfall coat from H & M. Photography by Joash- NxT LvL Imagery. Let me know what you think!



Screenshot_2015-10-30-10-16-19 Screenshot_2015-10-30-10-30-43  Screenshot_2015-10-30-10-30-19 Screenshot_2015-10-30-10-14-19 Screenshot_2015-10-30-10-13-13 2015-10-30_10.29.11   2015-10-30_10.27.26 Screenshot_2015-10-30-10-18-17

Culottes Crush!


…And my fav season is over, Hello Autumn! Time to pull out the jackets n boots as the temperatures drop in the North East.¬†Ummm not just yet!!! Luckily, the weather has been a bit gracious. I get just a little “good-bye¬†end of summer do-over.” I decided to pull out something that reminded me of a piece I wore more than a decade ago while in Kenya. When I first got it a few months ago, I was a bit skeptical of wearing it but that’s changed¬†now. Culottes~ depending on¬†fabric choice, design and color, they can be worn whether at the office or outside of the office regardless of event. The secret is how you style it. I¬†styled mine for an afternoon/evening out for a casual sitting with family and friends.¬†I wore a sleeveless open side crop top and booties that can be easily swapped for flats or sandals. Let me know what you think!

Vest- Gifted (Store in Atlanta), Culottes- H&M, Shoes- Steve Madden, Clutch- Achie Otigo (My designer in Nairobi, Kenya) Photography by Joash~ NxT LvL Imagery.



Screenshot_2015-10-16-01-06-31  Screenshot_2015-10-16-01-06-42   Screenshot_2015-10-16-02-30-08 Screenshot_2015-10-16-01-07-57  Screenshot_2015-10-16-02-30-32    Screenshot_2015-10-16-01-49-53 Screenshot_2015-10-16-01-02-52 Screenshot_2015-10-16-01-50-37  2015-10-16_01.56.27

Azure Love!


Many times, my idea of comfort on a relaxed day is a great pair of blue jeans with a comfy top. That idea changes…hahaha! ¬†As you know by now, in addition to style, trend and fashion, comfort is a huge factor in determining my style picks. I was heading to New Jersey for a¬†shoot session¬†and decided why not take a couple pictures¬†to break the ice…lol. I love the high waist style of the pants, the color¬†and the fit. The vest has been one of my favorite pieces for this season because I can pair it wit pants, skirts or dresses to achieve the look I’m aiming for. I also love it’s tuxedo look and being that it’s in black and white-¬†one of the easier colors¬†to pair. Let me know what you think!

Tuxedo Vest by Nicole Miller, Sleeveless top- Forever 21, Jeans- H&M, Shoes by Steve Madden.



IMG_5001 2015-09-22_20.54.31 2015-09-22_20.55.42 IMG_4992 IMG_5000

Short Rompers!


Summer is coming to an end and for summer lovers like me, it’s¬†not something we look forward to. I feel like the summer flew by so fast just like the way the year¬†has been¬†or am I the only one noticing this? Well, well back to summer, short shorts are a go but¬†can be a challenge to wear if your main goal is comfort and decency. I came across this romper and it was a match made in heaven~ It was flowy and I loved the 2 piece illusion it created at the mid section.¬†It’s coral¬†and blue colors sparked my interest.¬†Put on some heels with it and you’re ready to attend¬†functions such as outdoor¬†graduations or slip on some¬†sandals for a summer barbeque or concert.¬†I paired the romper with coral heels and traded my heels with my favorite gladiator sandals. Let me know what you think!

Styling by me, photography by NxT LvL imagery- Joash.



IMG_5256¬† IMG_5255¬†IMG_5252¬† IMG_5258¬†IMG_5275¬†IMG_5303¬†IMG_5299¬†IMG_5282¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I guess it’s good¬†bye summer? :/IMG_5277