Tulle Love (Tutu) Part 2


Tutus portray as fun and playful. I remembered the songs we sang during breaks or games time in primary (elementary) school. When skipping rope we sang the Blueband song. I have a feeling that am about to embarrass myself because the words might not be the actual words but here goes….”Blueband, by by zero, zero by zero is around, around and around…” or when singing in a group…”Kamares, kamares x2 na Shiko wa sku hizi anaringa ringa sana…” Remember those!!! Talk about memories 🙂

When doing this shoot, I grabbed the skipping rope and the best accessories- my hands- to enact the 2 songs. I hope you’ll find them fun as well. Dare to travel back in time often to smile once more about the experiences that made you laugh when you were a child and always be thankful for all of them. Let me know what you think!

Croptop- Wetseal, Skirt- House of Kaji (Nairobi, Kenya), Shoes- Steve Madden, Photography- Joash~ NxT LvL Imagery



Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-14-51 Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-01-33 Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-01-51 That was a good work out 🙂Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-02-00 Now Let’s dance…Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-13-25 Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-12-52 Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-12-09 Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-02-37 2015-09-08_20.09.05 Thank you!Screenshot_2015-09-08-20-11-25

Tulle Love (Tutu)


My love for tutu’s has been rekindled! As a little girl in Kenya, I remember wearing the tutu dresses especially for Christmas, New Year or Easter Holidays. If your family was like mine, those holidays called for new outfits and for some reason such dresses…Or am I on my own on this one? Anyway, imagine my feeling when I saw adult tutu skirts??!! I had to have one. However, I opted to be a little conservative by settling for a black one as opposed to other brighter colors. This was a fun shoot as it brought a lot of nostalgic moments. I paired my tutu skirt with a long-sleeved polka dot top and booties and was ready to hit the road. Let me know what you think!

Top- H&M, Skirt- Gift but designed by House of Kaji (Nairobi Kenya), Shoes- Steve Madden, Photography- Joash~NxT LvL Imagery



IMG_5140 IMG_5184  IMG_5145 2015-08-18_00.59.16 2015-08-18_01.00.07 IMG_5190 IMG_5193

Black and White affair!


Black and white is always a go and you can accessorize it with any color. However, I chose to stick to the theme and had everything in those two colors. This look can also be dressed down~ quick change into sandals and you’re ready for shopping, afternoon stroll in the park or street or anyway one prefers to chill out. Let me know what you think!

Top- Forever 21, Skirt- Online, Neckpiece and rings- H&M, Bracelet- Gift from Kenya, Photography- Joash~NxT LvL Imagery.

Favor >


Screenshot_2015-08-05-01-01-21 Screenshot_2015-08-05-00-54-57   Screenshot_2015-08-05-01-20-42      Screenshot_2015-08-05-00-38-43 Screenshot_2015-08-05-00-39-082015-08-05_01.33.09 Keep your best foot forward and keep it moving! 🙂


Dream Dreamer!


It’s beautiful to feel young and to be young. Being young is often associated with boundless energy supply, less responsibilities and newness. Creativity and innovation are at a peak as there’s nothing- meaning here experience- pulling one back. As one goes through life, it presents so many happy, exciting, unexpected, sad and everything in between moments. Unfortunately, the word “FEAR” suddenly starts to illuminate in our minds and the problem comes in in how we choose to react. Fear causes us to let go of all the dreams, goals, opportunities that we once had and were enthusiastic about when we were young.

In the current Mazda car commercial- the young teenager sits for his driving test, fails but passes the second time, moves to college in a small 2 door car, graduates and gets into the cooperate world therefore gets a car that the world perceives is adequate in his new chapter. He then gets a family and has an SUV but in his midlife crisis, he went back and bought the small 2 door coupe that he once had as a teenager. Good illustration that because you get older or life comes in the way, the you then is still the you now. Yes, preferences and opinions might change but some things that make you you will probably never change- dreams, vision, goals. It is never too late to act on them!


These pictures are from my very first professional shoot in 2009 when I started to follow my dreams and desires for fashion and modelling. Little did I know what lay ahead of me-the blessings, opportunities, wonderful people and challenges- it was a step of faith then. Don’t let fear come in your way, you’re more than a conqueror! 🙂 Take your first step today, no excuses and keep on dreaming and working smart!



May 2015- Memorial Weekend in Deep Creek!


This year my friends from Maryland and I planned a trip to Deep Creek over the long memorial holiday weekend. Deep Creek is a vacation spot with lots of fun activities such as roller coaster rides, zip lining, cliff jumping and a lot of water activities like jet skiing, boating and of course swimming. If you love being in the water and thrilling adventures, you’re bound to love this place. The vacation houses cater to the needs of your group such as game rooms, entertainment rooms, Jacuzzis and or pools. In my opinion it is better in the summer, however during the winter time skiing is a big sport there.

The first evening when everyone arrived, we stayed up till 6 am catching up since we hadn’t seen each other in a while. The first day we went on some rides, zip lining and swimming. The next days, some did cliff jumping, boat rides, lazer tags and we all took an evening stroll in one of the parks. My favorite part apart from spending time with my friends was eating farmers choice sausages and nyama choma everyday! If you live in New York, you know goat-eating with Kenyan friends is not a monthly spot ~ well at least to me.



My friend scared all of us with that bear and made sure he recorded all of our reactions. It was not funny at that time…lol. The guys went out for an early morning run and soon it was time for some Kenyan-style breakfast. This was my fav mug in the house:)


2015-07-02_00.41.06 2015-07-02_00.53.11 2015-07-02_00.49.25


I had to taste some of Mika’s delish goat meat stew.  On the last night at the house, the movie lovers watched a movie while some went swimming or played pool. I had never had any interest in learning how to shoot pool but thanks to my friends who taught some of us basics 101.


 It was a fun friends getaway from our busy lives and we all can’t wait for another one in future. Live, love, laugh and enjoy life to the fullest!



My Blue World!

IMG_5030Blue has got to be the color that I’ve stuck with most over the years. Picking a favorite color to me depends on the season and current mood but blue has withstood the test of time. I was feeling my blue today. I paired a blue sequin crop top with a fancy skirt and  ankle pants. Let me know which look you prefer!

Photography Joash- NxT LvL Imagery. Top & Pants- Forever 21, Shoes- Old, Skirt- Bronx, NY (Sorry, I don’t recall the name of the store).



IMG_5016 IMG_5024 IMG_5020 IMG_5042 IMG_5039 (1) IMG_5045 (1) IMG_5068 IMG_5048 IMG_5051 (1)IMG_5083  IMG_5038 IMG_5056 (1)

Of Rompers & Tributes.


Hey y’all!!! I have missed being here for the 3 weeks that I was away and a big thank you to everyone who had been looking out for new posts. The wait is over 🙂 It’s now graduation season all through to the end of summer and rompers are so in whether long or short. I saw this piece and it was love at first sight- the color pops and you can go simple with just sandals for park festivities or dressed up for events. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Photography by Joash- NxT LvL Imagery.



IMG_0142 IMG_0160 IMG_0176One of my favorite shows is Grey’s Anatomy- Spoiler Alert- In the just concluded season, Dr. Amelia Shephard ( Caterina Scorsone) had to perform a brain surgery on a fellow colleague Dr. Nicole Herman (Geena Davis) and she was so scared despite studying and preparing for the surgery for months. When the d-date came, she had to channel her inner self envisioning her success and stood in a “superpower pose” with her assistant Dr. Stephanie Edwards (Jerrika Hinton). Dr Edwards had to do so to show solidarity as Amelia believed it was scientifically proven to help them succeed. Their confidence definitely skyrocketed. Below is my tribute to Dr. Amelia and Dr. Edwards.

IMG_0152 IMG_0153

…Let’s now take a jump onto the next LVL…


“Tools of Trade” Part 2.


The second part of the shoot we  decided to make it a little more practical and we included some more daily “tools of trade” pieces – protection gear. I can’t believe I still had the gown and mask from nursing school- yes! from all those practice lab hours and they survived 🙂 We also added one of Joash’s light covers (for lack of a better word) to cover my braids.  I wore another set of color blocked Med Couture scrubs that I love. To everyone working in the healthcare field, continue giving and wishing you lots of blessings in your journey.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Photography by Joash- Nxt Level Imagery ; Directed by Polly Odotte & I; MUA- Lily Njoroge ; Hair- Jessica Bonney.





Caught unaware…

IMG_0074 IMG_0084                                                                        Taking a swirl  🙂

IMG_0091 IMG_0090

“Tools of trade” part 1

IMG_0054 IMG_0016

Happy Nurses’ Week!

In my twenty something years in this world, I’ve learnt never to say never. When I moved to New York, I saw that most people in the Healthcare field wore scrubs. I had dreamt of being in that field since I was in primary/elementary school. I also dreamt of wearing my suits, skirts and dresses to work. I actually decided that once I started working, I would buy for myself a beautiful white pants suit after I watched Cece Winans peform in one. I completely forgot about that. Any leads anyone?

Fast forward 9 years and today, scrubs are part of my life and I couldn’t imagine wearing anything else to work. They are so comfortable and allow me to do my job with ease. Never say never, right? ummm…ok. However, one thing I decided not to forfeit was a little fashion notch to them. I didn’t want to wear just any scrubs because I realized that some were just like a one size fits all body shapes kinda fit. So I started researching on what brands, fit and designs were out in the market. I came to love plain colored ones because I could always color block them. One of my favorite brand is Med Couture and you can find them in Scrubs and Beyond. The tops are well fitting and their bottoms are suitable for a curvy lady and flow with your body shape. One of my friends recommended Grey’s Anatomy which am yet to try out. Let me know what scrubs brands you like.

Photography by Joash- Nxt Level Imagery ; Directed by Polly Odotte and I ; MUA Lily Njoroge ; Hair by Jessica Bonney.



IMG_0012 IMG_0026 IMG_0034             Joash had magazines in the studio so I decided to take a little break from all the studying…IMG_0045 IMG_0046                        IMG_0037                         Now back to some more reading…why not add more books while at it? 🙂


Purple Royalty


Purple=Royal. Simply my take. I paired this purple skirt with a grey off-shoulder crop knit top with no jewelry except purple button earrings. I have to admit that I spent quite some time trying to figure out the best way to wear the top. The first time I tried it on is certainly not how I wore it the second time. I think the top complements most, if not all, body types but might need readjusting when you stand and sit; overall I liked it. It comes in three colors- black, grey and red and in one size.

Off-shoulder crop knit top from romwe.com; Skirt from Forever 21; Shoes from Justfab.com; Photography by Joash-NxT LvL imagery; MUA- Lily Njoroge; Hair- Jessica Bonney; Director- Polly Odotte and I.





    IMG_0117 (1)                                                     …And it was time for readjusting 🙂

IMG_0119 IMG_0134 IMG_0132IMG_0123   IMG_0141